Your Premium Cigar & Whiskey Bar

Experience luxury and elegance in the most premium Cigar and Whiskey bar in Massachusetts. We are a class apart.

Alpha Cigar Whiskey Bar is the Massachusetts Area's premier Cigar lounge. We offer a full line of International, National, and Boutique brands of Cigars and one of the most impressive Whiskey menus in all the states!

Whether you want to close an important business deal or entertain your client at the most sophisticated spot in Massachusetts, rejoice with old friends or make new ones – do so while enjoying the finest whiskey and cigar. Our exquisite cigar collection is second to none. We also carry a legacy of delivering the smoothest and oldest Whiskeys in Massachusetts.

We offer a regal atmosphere to smoke a cigar and sip whiskey while you relax and unwind. Settle in and enjoy the time with world-class cigars and high-quality whiskey. At Alpha Cigar Whiskey Bar, we want everyone to have a good time while we cater to their requirements. We strive to make your time worthwhile and keep you entertained.

A “Must Visit” bar to relax and unwind from the all-day business hustle. A fine site to find peace and chill out while smoking and drinking the finest scotch. Enjoy an excellent selection of hand-picked whiskey from around the world.
- Jeff Anderson

Our Story

We’ve been around the industry for just a while but are already setting the standards high. Our bar is fully-stocked with exclusive and regal whiskeys. We are housed with leather furniture, which brings out the natural patina with age, giving our customers a premium feel. Cozy lighting and remarkable bar design exude an atmosphere that pleases cigar enthusiasts. A state-of-the-art air-conditioning system keeps regulating the air while our staff ensures that the ambiance is near perfection.

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