Cigar and Whiskey: An Eternal Bond

Cigar and Whiskey

Cigar and whiskey have forever been the duo nobody thought they would need But here we are, still trying to decipher the actual truth behind how this pairing is considered top-tier. Nobody knows the exact reason why they go together so well, but everybody’s still in love with it, and we want to keep it that way. Because, let’s face it, too much knowledge about something kills the thrill.

However, several kinds of Cigar and whiskey are available in the market, and choosing what suits you best can be quite a hefty task. Nonetheless, we have some of the finest cigar  and whiskey pairings that can help you learn a thing or two about what you might be looking for. So, let’s get right in!

Finest Whiskey and Cigar Pairings

Before we get into the depth of these amazing pairings, let’s look at some of the aspects needed to understand why the following pairings are undeniably enchanting.

There is a relation to why some whiskeys go well with cigars. Cigar and whiskey, in general, have similar notes. Some of the whiskeys have tobacco on the finish, and having them with cigars works as a cherry on top. Truth be told, that cherry is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Don’t believe us? Let us take you through some of these pairings.

Cigar and Whiskey

Jack Daniels & Parez Carillo

When we talk about the finest whiskey and cigar pairing, Jack Daniels & Parez Carillo must make it to the list. This pairing is a blessing for your tastebuds. Incredible in every sense; you definitely should try it. However, there is a downside even in this love story. This pairing is hard to find, not because of the cigar but because of the whiskey. Well, the phrase: Good things are difficult to get is quite real in this regard. But, the finding is hard, not impossible, and you will immediately become a fan once you find it.

Nevertheless, a question remains: What will you have while searching for this iconic pairing? Down below is our second pick that you can have during your quest.

American Whiskeys & Nicaraguan Cigars

It has been said and proven many times that Nicaraguan cigars have spicy notes, and with those spicy tones, they also have a woody aura that makes the overall cigar experience ten times better. They are definitely strong but not aggressive, which plays a key role in enhancing the cigar’s flavor. While on the other hand, whiskeys are timeless. Whiskeys have an unmatched charm that blends quite effortlessly with the tones of Nicaraguan cigars.

However, when it comes to American whiskey, these whiskeys have quite a dynamic and vibrant scene compared to the whiskeys in other places. So, pairing them up with a Nicaraguan cigar might just be the perfect blend you’ve been looking for.

Cigar and Whiskey

Jim Beam Black NAS, 86 Proof & La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor

La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor has been one of the leading cigar brands for more than 15 years, and for all the right reasons. La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor has cemented its place in the world of cigar lovers because of its top-tier quality, and one can say that it’s only going to go uphill from here. Another reason for its ever-growing popularity is its connection with whiskeys.

According to whiskey aficionados, Jim Beam Black NAS, 86 Proof has quite the lead in paring these cigars with whiskeys. With a palate of sweet baking spice, brown sugar, and apples, this whiskey works wonders when taken with La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor Cigar. Try it out, and we promise you’ll fall in love with it and will definitely add this pairing to the list of your finest Cigar and whiskey duo.

However, this list still needs countless whiskey and cigar pairings, but we’re leaving it up to you for now. Still, there is a factor that you need to take into consideration before making up your mind regarding the list, as mentioned earlier.

Allow Your Tastebuds to Explore

You can find numerous pairings on the internet, but the one that works best for you is the one you chose. Not that the mentioned pairings are any less but allowing your tastebuds to explore and choose according to their desire works wonders.

When choosing a whiskey, you must choose the one that, upon taking a sip, makes you want to take a puff from the cigar and choose a cigar that makes you want to back to whiskey. It is essential, or else, why would you even want to have this classic duo?


If you still need to meet your dynamic duo, feel free to dig into Alpha Cigar and Whiskey Bar website and pick your desired items, and we’re sure you will find your finest cigar and whiskey duo.

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