Cigars in Fall River – Five Brands of You Must Smoke

The cigars world is massive. People who have strolled in a cigar shop would relate. There is a dizzying array of brands you need help choosing from. One can get various styles and types when purchasing a Cigars in Fall River and other parts of the US.

In this blog, we will walk you through the five brands of Cigars in Fall River that you must not miss. Each of them has its special essence and pleasure. So, without any further ado, let’s jump onto the list of brands that dominate the world of Cigars in Fall River.

Cigars in Fall River – Five Best Brands

People who frequently smoke Cigars in Fall River can never miss out on these brands.


Cigars in Fall River

1. Romeo y Julieta

There are many Cuban companies in the Cigar world, but when it comes to Cuban-not-Cuban companies, Romeo y Julieta was the first of the trio to make cigars. It was founded in 1875.

The brand is operating identically to Montecristo. Both are separate Cuban and non-Cuban entities with the same owner, Altadis. The primary base operations of Romeo y Julieta are in the Dominican Republic. It also operates in Nicaragua and Honduras.

This brand of Cigars in Fall River has got the best portfolios in the industry. Its long history has some attractive highlights. The most notable one is that it was the favorite brand of Winston Churchill, the most famous cigar smoker ever. The brand is arguably well known for its Churchill size rather than any specific brand.

2. Rocky Patel Premium Cigars

This Florida-based brand is one of the industry’s most “in-your-face” brands. It started in the mid of 90s when Hollywood lawyer Rakesh “Rocky” Patel kicked off his business journey with cigars. He aced the cigar-making industry with time.

The journey of Rockey Patel Premium Cigars began in the Central American nation of Honduras. They started manufacturing cigars there and later became synonymous with the country. Alongside the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, Honduras is now considered the holy trinity of non-Cuban cigars-producing countries.

Rocky Patel capitalized on the popularity and opened a second base in Nicaragua. However, Honduran remains the heart of production with prominent brands. Its highly acclaimed brand that got a 95 rating by Cigar Aficionado (Decade brand) is also produced in Honduran.

Since 2007, the Decade brand has been a box-pressed, full-bodied, Sumatra-wrapped stogie with a top-secret filler.

3. Padrón

Padron is not for everyone. It is a serious cigar brand for serious cigar smokers. This brand is Cigar Aficionado’s annual top 25 cigars list reigning champ. It was founded by Cuban refugee Jose Orlando Padron in 1964.

Today, Padron is a family-owned business. It has offices in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood. The process of production is entirely independent. It provides complete control over all aspects of the cigars, from planting to Nicaraguan production and distribution.

The 1964 Anniversary Series of this Cigar is crucial to the brand. It debuted in 1994, and this year, it won the Cigar of the Year honor. This Cigar utilizes the old-school Cuban box-pressing method, resulting in their distinct sharp cornered shape.

4. Oliva

The journey of Oliva Cigars takes us back to 1886, when Melanio Oliva first began rolling cigars in Cuba. His son carried on the tradition. The grandson of Melanio, Gilberto Oliva, fled the country in the post-communist revolution.

The boy was seeking a new life for himself in another part of the world. After a few decades, he desired to get back into the cigar industry. He settled on Nicaragua while looking for a location to replicate Cuba’s ideal tobacco-growing conditions.

In the past two decades, the massive crop of Nicaraguan-grown tobacco has put Oliva at the forefront of the cigar boom. Thus, Gilberto’s company remains one of the most potent forces in Nicaraguan cigar manufacturing.

The Olivia Seri V brand is the flagship of this brand. It has become one of the world’s most consistently top-rated cigars. People know it for its high concentration of strong Ligero leaf tobacco.

5. Montecristo

Montecristo is very popular in the cigar world. The brand hails from Cuba. Similar to Cohiba, there is a Dominican version of Montecristo, which is produced for smokers of America.

However, Montecristo’s DR edition falls under the same corporate umbrella as its Cuban counterpart. Thus, it fails to compete against it. Spanish tobacco company Atladis solely own the Dominican Montecristo.

The roots of Dominican iteration are traced to its exiled founder Alonso Menendez. He fled Cuba with his business partners to reestablish himself elsewhere. The brand is famous for its Torpedo-shaped “No. 2,” an all-Dominican cigar wrapped in yellow-tinged Connecticut Shade leaf.


These are the five brands you must smoke if you are into Cigars. All of them are available at Alpha Cigars and Whiskey. It is one of the most popular bars for people searching for the best Cigars in Fall River.

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