Finest Whiskey and Cigar Lounges You Must Visit in the US

As of now, there are around sixteen states in the US that permit smoking in bars. This smoking boycott immensely affects the community of cigar smokers since it’s impacted numerous enthusiasts’ most loved drinking spots into a non-smoking zone.

If you wish to go to a place that serves the finest whiskey and cigar collection, then, at that point, this kind of significant change can keep you from escaping the house and partaking in an evening to remember. These sixteen states are home to the absolute best cigar lounges and bars, so here’s a list to go back to whenever you’re enjoying a holiday or are on a business trip find and wish to make the most of it.


Alpha Cigar and Whiskey Bar

Built in the Massachusetts area, Alpha Cigar and Whiskey Bar tops the list of one of the best cigar lounges, providing a wide selection of National, International, and Boutique Cigar brands and the most stunning Whiskeys on their menus in the entire state! Whether you plan to seal an important business deal or wish to entertain a client at the most stylish venue in Massachusetts, reminisce over a drink with old friends, or make new connections while smoking the finest cigar and sipping some great whiskey.

Alpha Cigar and Whiskey Bar shelves an excellent cigar selection that is unrivaled. They also have a strong reputation for producing the oldest and smoothest Whiskeys in the Massachusetts area.


The Occidental Cigar Club

“If the aroma of fine tobacco products offends you, this is not an entrance. There are a few good restaurants around the corner on Belden,” declares a sign outside the front door of the Occidental Cigar Club. It was founded in 2001 in San Francisco and didn’t mince words.

A bravura collection of whiskies, from WhistlePig Boss Hog to local distillery Sonoma County, tops their menu list. While San Francisco forbids smoking in establishments with paid employees, the Occidental Cigar Club’s owners joined hands to create this safe haven for the finest whiskey and cigar enthusiasts.


Casa De Montecristo by Prime Cigar and Whiskey Bar

Miami’s most lively area and famous Finest Whiskey and Cigar is the Casa De Montecristo. It was once Brickell, and since then, business and nightlife here appear to coexist flawlessly. The premier club and bar have a full-bar filled with unique and difficult-to-find whiskeys, a walk-in humidor, a private board room, and a members’ lounge.

What distinguishes the Prime Cigar from others in the city is the cutting-edge air management technology, a key element here. It is a revolutionary system that generates 80 tons of A/C and continually replaces 100% of the air. Leeds and Reznik, owners of the lounge, placed a high value on this approach as they wanted their guests to feel as comfortable as possible.


Red Phone Booth

This cigar-friendly bar in Atlanta and Nashville has a unique way that requires guests to dial up the front-of-house staff from a—you guessed it—red phone booth. The speakeasy concept is well-worn, yes. Red Phone Booth serves a selection of well-aged Japanese selections, rare bourbons from the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, and over 180 whiskies. From 12-year-old Weller to 1926 Padron Serie #2 Natural, Red Phone Booth serves nothing but the finest whiskey and cigar collection.


Soho Cigar Bar

From serving a glass of 21-year-old Hibiki to offering 1964 Padron Anniversary Series Principe to smoke, New York boasts its share of blue-chip cigar lounges at the Soho Cigar Bar. For a more casual experience in the downtown with great whisky, the Soho Cigar Bar is the place to be at.

You will find an artful main room at the bar where paintings cover the flat-screen TVs to lessen the distraction when there’s no football game worth watching. Rather, keep your head on a swivel as you devour a whisky selection, including elder Irish whiskeys, rare Japanese pours, and over 50 Scottish single malts. You never know which celebrity you’ll bump in next at this famous New York City bar and lounge.


La Descarga

While Los Angeles isn’t short on smoke-friendly, open-air joints, the old-school Havana vibe of La Descarga, just east of Hollywood, is worth a visit. It is a chic spot named after “unloading” or “discharging” the bar’s pass visitors to throw on the floor, so long as you’re following a proper dress code—jackets encouraged, guys. Everything adds to the gorgeous two-story-tall back bar, from soaring ceilings to savory snacks and occasional brass band. As a bonus, drink with the burlesque-style salsa dancers at La Descarga.

Having the great quality and finest whiskey and cigar is an incredibly polished experience on its own. But where you choose to smoke and drink is critical to your experience locating the finest cigar and whiskey bar. A combination of two will undoubtedly be a stress-reliever for you after a day’s work.

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