Most Loved Pairing Of Cigar And Whiskey In Bars

Cigar And Whiskey

Whatever the world puts at us, such as social unrest, pandemics, in-laws but we may find refuge in a charming little cocoon of alcohol and smoke at the end of the day. We’ve searched high and low for the ideal drink and cigar match to savor this holiday season, perhaps next to a roaring fire.


The worlds of whiskey and cigars collide in one of the most fascinating and lesser-known pairings. The global explosion of whiskey, coupled with the rise of craft, artisanal cigars, has prompted a younger generation to discover the pleasures of combining the two.


This article will discuss the pairing of cigars and whiskey in bars because the pairing of cigars and whiskey is not that easy to achieve. You have to know how the flavors will blend with each other. Also, we will list some best pairs of cigars and whiskey.


The Pairing Of Cigar And Whiskey

Cigars go well with a variety of spirits. Your best bets will be bourbon, Scotch whiskey, cognac, rum, and cocktails made with these spirits. Of course, port, coffee, and beer are all viable options. However, each product’s flavor intensity must be evaluated regardless of the beverage.


Before combining the whisky and cigar sectors, it’s critical to investigate each separately. Sample whiskeys worldwide and focus on the flavors that appeal to you the most. Continue experimenting with bourbons, Scotch whisky, rye whiskey, and Japanese whiskey.


Try a couple of cigars. Begin with easier-to-find, milder sticks, such as the famous Macanudo Hyde Park and the legendary Gisbert Corona. Then gradually progress to stronger cigars until you find the flavor profile you prefer.


Take your favorite stick of cigar, think about its flavor character, and pair it with a whiskey with a similar flavor profile. Each experiment will be a failure. The cigar’s harsh flavors may overpower a lighter dram and vice versa. However, the more you practice, the more precise your pairings will become.


Why Cigars Go Very Well with Whiskey?

Richness, spice essences, smokiness, and a hint of sweetness are all present. You will be calmed by the warm glow of these two drinks when you try them.


The comfort of a cigar warms your tongue, while whiskey warms your stomach and keeps the cold at bay! There is also a plethora of flavor combinations available because you can mix your cigar and whiskey of choice.

cigar and whiskey

Whiskeys have a wide range of flavors. Therefore, it’s necessary to try each one separately. If you’re new to mixing whiskey with cigars, kick off with those that have mild flavors.

Best Pairing of Cigar and Whiskey in Bars


La Aroma De Cuba and Woodford Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Woodford Reserve is a dark-tasting liquor with a pleasant woody aroma that tantalizes your senses. In the meanwhile, the very first thing people notice about La Aroma is its lovely color. The cigar’s foot is significantly more earthy, with cocoa and other ingredients.


An enjoyably sweet start gives way to a powerful flavor profile that includes dark chocolate notes blended with spices like black pepper and cayenne chili powder.


Fuente Opus X – Lost City and Balcones True Blue 100 Corn Whiskey

Balcones True Blue 100’s smell is a study in rich, sweet flavors ranging from apricots to corn and sweet caramel notes combined with vanilla essence. There’s also a tastiness that reminds me of vintages that have been matured in sherry barrels.


The first third of Fuente Opus X – Lost City has hints of cedar and honey, while the second third is more like hot summer sun tea with just enough sweetness to make everything appear rather pleasant.


This cigar is full-bodied and hefty, with a rich flavor profile from start to end. It gives out a welcoming perfume that helps you relax and enjoy your time, which is especially good if you suffer from anxiety.


Oliva Melanio Maduro and Bulleit Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

In general, Bulleit Bourbon has a distinct and delectable flavor. With the infusion of spices, the enticing aroma of oak, vanilla, and honey gives way to wild flavors like smokes that are equal parts sweet and spicy.


Oliva Melanio Maduro, on the other hand, gives leather and medium-bodied smokes that are sure to please. The Nicaraguan makeup has coffee bean tones with black pepper spiciness at the finish for extra flair!


A glossy San Andrés wrapper surrounds this masterful blend, adding just enough sweetness without being overpowering on the palate while enabling Oliva’s characteristic flavor profile to shine through nicely.

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