Four Perfect Places to Pair Cigar and Whiskey

Cigar and Whiskey

A glass of whiskey and a lit cigar always go hand in hand for the perfect pleasure. Although the tightening of smoking restrictions has barred people from finding mainstream Cigar and Whiskey Bars, there are still many you can count.

The United States of America is full of Cigar and Whiskey Bars, but most are overpriced. They offer the pairing of cigars and whiskey that has nothing to puff about. The pleasure of sublime mingling of a fine dram with the rich palate of a top-notch stick is no less than heaven.

In this blog, we will walk you through some perfect places where you can pair a cigar with whiskey for the perfect pleasure. This write-up will not disappoint the people searching for this twofer. We have filtered out the best Cigar and Whiskey Bars to make your occasions memorable.

Four Perfect Cigar and Whiskey Bars for You

If you are an actual cigar and whiskey lover, you will never regret visiting the bars we suggest below.

1. The Occidental Cigar Club – San Francisco

As we said earlier, only a true lover will get the taste. It has been written outside the front door of The Occidental Cigar Club, “If the aroma of fine tobacco products offends you, this is not an entrance.”

The shop only allows those who understand and value the pleasure of products. There are other good restaurants around the corner on Belden, and you can visit them if you are not into Cigars and Whiskeys, the bar suggests.

Inside the bar, you will find a great collection of whiskies, from Boss Hog to WhistlePig to the local distillery Sonoma County. As city laws forbid smoking in establishments with paid employees, the owners of this place banded together to create this heaven for enthusiasts.

  • Best Pairing

In this bar, we suggest you drink Sonoma County Distilling Cherrywood Rye along with Olivia Serie V Torpedo Maduro. It will take your tastebuds to the heavens.

2. Soho Cigar Bar – New York City

New York is proud to have a share in blue-chip cigar lounges, including Lexington Bar and Books, Grand Havana Room, Club Macanudo, and others. But the story of this city and whiskeys does not end here.

Get in this bar if you want a more casual downtown experience with great whisky. At Soho Cigar Bar, you will see an artful main room with flat-screen TVs covered by paintings. Wondering why? It avoids the distraction when there is nothing worth watching.

You can keep your head on a swivel and enjoy the whisky selection. The bar offers around 50 Scottish single malts, elder Irish whiskeys, and rare Japanese pours. The cherry on top, it is famous for having celebrity visits. You never know which celebrity walks in next.

  • Best Pairing

People prefer drinking Hibiki 21-year-old with Padron 1964 Anniversary Series Principe at Soho Cigar Bar. Try it out, and you will find it different.

3. Red Phone Booth – Atlanta and Nashville

Wait right there! You are requested to dial up the front-of-house staff from a – you guessed it- red phone booth. Yes, it’s all happening here at this cigar-friendly bar. One has to go through it. They wear the speakeasy concept.

After entering this bar, you get the options of more than 180 whiskies, well-aged Japanese selections, rare bourbons, and a trace antique collection.

The house of cigars, with a Brazilian Arapiraca Maduro Wrapper, is no less than the 18th amendment as a nod to prohibition.

  • Best Pairing

We want to make you drink Weller 12-year-old and smoke Padron 1926 Serie #2 Natural at this bar. It is the best pairing of Red Phone Booth.

4. Alpha Cigar and Whiskey – Fall River

A cultured place for people with cultural tastes. If you live in Fall River and have not visited Alpha Cigar and Whiskey, you live under the rock. This bar provides customers with a wide range of rich whiskeys and royal cigars.

The environment provides you with a comfortable vibe. You can attend a meeting in the bar or hang out casually with friends. It is a place that serves everyone.

If you are looking for a place where you can unwind from the stress of the day and, at the same time, drink and smoke classical whiskeys and cigars, there is no place better than Alpha Bar. People from around the US come here for rich taste and royal vibes.

  • Best Pairing

You can pair a Cigarro Agave 538 Cigar with Hooten Young Barrel Proof American Whiskey at this place for a lifetime smoking and drinking experience.


We do not want to limit your experience, but we have filtered these four out as everyone is short on time. You cannot have everything, but you should try to taste the lot. Thus, having a good time at any of these Cigar and Whiskey Bar will check the boxes.

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