Best Premium Whiskey Bars in Fall River Everything You Need to Know

Best Premium Whiskey Bars in Fall River:

Are you finding it difficult to navigate a premium whiskey bars in Fall River? If yes, then there’s no need to go far searching for it. We’ve got you covered.

Fall River is home to some of the finest premium whiskey bars. However, a few only offer a combination of both whiskey and cigar. Nothing substitutes for having a peaceful cigar experience to smoke your stress away. We’ll guide you through some of the best premium whiskey bars in Fall River. So, follow along;

1. Scotties Pub

The Scotties Pub has a range of rich and strong whiskeys. It could be your go-to-pub for watching sporting events as it’s very popular among young sports fans.

With over 30 HD TVs, you can watch almost any sport. From Live Per Views to NFL Sunday and from NBA to soccer, you can watch it all while sipping your signature whiskey with your friends.

Food is delicious, and they offer most of their items in an affordable range. You can also devour gourmet burgers and pizzas or even ask for seafood and steaks as they have a 6-page menu daily.

2. Alpha Cigar Whiskey Bars

Speaking of the best premium whiskey bars in Fall River, it would be unfair not to mention Alpha Cigar. Located in Fall River and probably the best Premium Whiskey Bars in Fall River, it has a league of its own.

You can find Signature American Whiskey at your service. You may sip whatever you like from their array of the finest-class bourbons or rye. Plus, its extensive cigar range has made Alpha Cigar a class apart from other premium bars in Fall River. Alpha boasts about its cigar range being the largest in the state.

The comfortable seating area ornated with luxurious leather couches adds icing to the cake. The collection has some of the top premium whiskeys at your disposal. It’s the ideal bar in Fall River for gathering with your wolfpack and smoking the stress away.

Premium Whiskey Bar

3. Tipsy To Bogan

Located a short walk from the Fall River beach, Tipsy To Bogan is one of the premium whiskey bars you might want to look up to when touring the Fall River. It’s even more perfect for you if you reside in Fall River. Tipsy’s collection offers some of the strongest whiskeys. Plus, they’re catering to all kinds of whiskey tastes with a wide range of heavenly-sweet bourbons and spiced-up ryes.

Tipsy Whiskey Bar has a two-story structure and entertains its clients with live acoustic entertainment. In addition, the luxurious lounge on the second floor is an open dining space. Ornated with a fireplace beside which you can have freshly brewed whiskey served with a delicious range of cuisine to satisfy your cravings, the Tipsy Lounge is a one-of-a-kind experience. So, hanging out with your friends or colleagues at their dining lounge would be worth your time and money.

Premium Whiskey Bar

4. The Last Hurrah

Also, a mini-museum of Boston. It has photos of legislators and famous politicians who hailed from Boston and the Parker House in the twentieth century. If you visit the bar, you’ll see framed photos of known politician James Michael Curley.

A perfect place to hang out, you can meet up with your co-workers or a bunch of friends. With a range of brands available, you can sip your favorite whiskey. The tavern gives a touch of the old Boston, which is attractive for the visitors and passers-by and indicates how the whiskey bars has preserved Boston’s heritage.

You have luxurious leather seats and a grand lounge to relax. You can pick anything from a rich martini to their signature whiskey.

5. Mary Celeste Whiskey and Wine Library

Drink the best whiskey of Mary Celeste. Along with their secret recipe, as the name implies, they have a huge collection to offer. There’s an immense range to bless your tastebuds craving for whiskey.

In addition, you can also beef up yourself with their gourmet beef burgers and much more. You can also enjoy their fresh, crisp chicken wings and celebrate special occasions with your gang because they have a great ambiance to offer.

6. Casa De Montecristo by Prime Cigar And Whiskey Bars

They’ve got cutting-edge air management tech to provide you with a luxurious bar experience. Their A/C continuously replaces 100% of the air, giving you a unique wine lounge experience. Located in one of the most vibrant neighborhoods, the Casa De Montecristo is a beautiful addition to the wonderful nightlife of Fall River.

You also have the choice to enter a private boardroom, which is exclusively offered for executive-level clients. Since it’s part of a famous club, the outlook attracts the affluent. Plus, you have a separate member’s area to have a delightful experience sipping your whiskey. There’s an entire range of branded whiskeys to pick the best to your liking.

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