Top 10 Cigar and Whiskey Bar in the USA

There’s something fundamentally appealing about smoking a good cigar. The mere mention conjures up pictures of the high life—men dressed to the nines, a whiskey in hand, and, of course, a nice cigar. It’s a polished, luxurious experience that people worldwide enjoy.


Smoking regulations in many locations have made it difficult for connoisseurs of both whisky and cigars, much alone those looking for a “twofer.” Unfortunately, many cigar bars have a little whiskey list to write home and are frequently pricey.


Here are ten amazing cigar and whiskey bars in the USA that every cigar and whiskey lover should visit!


Alpha Cigar & Whiskey Bar

Alpha Cigar and Whiskey Bar is the top cigar lounge in the Massachusetts area. They provide a wide selection of International, National, and Boutique Cigar brands, as well as one of the most stunning Whiskey menus in the whole state!


Whether you want to seal a significant business transaction or entertain a client at the most stylish venue in Massachusetts, celebrate with old friends, or meet new ones – all while sipping the finest whiskey and cigar.


Their excellent cigar selection is unrivaled. They also have a reputation for producing the smoothest and oldest Whiskeys in Massachusetts.


The Occidental Cigar Club

This club is another Cigar and Whiskey Bar, which was founded in 2001, does not mince words. If the fragrance of quality tobacco goods offends you, this is not the place for you; there are a few excellent eateries on Belden around the corner. Inside, the proprietors back up their boasts with an impressive selection of whiskies, ranging from Whistle Pig Boss Hog to Sonoma County, a local distillery.


While local ordinances prohibit smoking at places with paying staff, the owners of OCC worked together to create this oasis for aficionados.


Casa De Montecristo by Prime Cigar & Whiskey Bar

Brickell has evolved into one of Miami’s most lively areas and now is a famous Cigar and Whiskey Bar, where business and nightlife appear to coexist flawlessly.


The upmarket bar and club have a walk-in humidor, a full-bar filled with unique and difficult-to-find whiskeys, a members’ lounge, and a private board room.


The cutting-edge air management technology is a key element that distinguishes Prime Cigar. This revolutionary system generates 80 tons of A/C and continually replaces 100 percent of the air. Leeds and Reznik placed a high value on this approach because they wanted their consumers to be as comfortable as possible.


Soho Cigar Bar

Lexington Bar and Books, Grand Havana Room, and Club Macanudo are just a handful of New York’s high-end cigar lounges. However, head to the Soho Cigar Bar for a more informal downtown experience with plenty of scotch.


At Soho, you’ll discover an elegant main area with paintings covering the flat-screen T.V.s to prevent distraction when there’s no game worth watching. Instead, keep your head swiveling while you savor a whisky collection that includes about 50 Scottish single malts, older Irish whiskeys, and even some rare Japanese pours. You never know who is going to show up next.


The Double Barrel

The Double Barrel, located on Wilshire Boulevard just west of La Cienega, offers a personalized whiskey experience in Beverly Hills. Members may choose from hundreds of handpicked new, old, and rare whiskeys to drink neat, on the rocks, or in a barrel-aged cocktail.


Pair your whiskey tasting with delectable small plates and traditional meals prepared by highly renowned chef Adam Horton of Malibu’s famed Saddle Peak Lodge. Though the whiskey lounge is mainly for members, walk-ins are allowed, and guests may quickly become members with each bottle purchase.


Buena Vista Cigar Club

The Buena Vista Cigar Club has become a favorite of both inhabitants and visitors to the city, thanks to its distinct atmosphere and outstanding selection of expertly selected tobacco goods.


Rigo Fernandez, the owner, has a great passion for cigars and has built this gentleman’s club-type lounge with a rustic design full of character, charm and is fond of how to run alpha cigar and whiskey bar.


Allow the crew to handpick a cigar from their well-selected range tailored to visitors’ preferences. A more secluded section upstairs features comfy couches to relax back and enjoy for more solitude.


Red Phone Booth

Guests at this cigar-friendly pub must telephone the front-of-house personnel from a—you guessed it—red phone booth. Sure, the speakeasy notion is overused.


Red Phone Booth is here for the roughly 180 whiskies on offer, as well as rare bourbons from the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection and well-aged Japanese options. With a Brazilian Arapiraca Maduro wrapper, the house cigar is named the 18th Amendment as a tribute to Prohibition.


Fox Cigar Bar

This growing empire’s Gilbert location boasts 400 options, including more than 100 American whiskeys and 100 scotch variations. Furthermore, Untappd’s real-time beer board displays precisely what’s on tap at neighboring craft brewers.


Cruise in for a one-of-a-kind indoor/outdoor arrangement and a craft beer or whisky, then watch the game from handcrafted leather chairs in front of one of 34 T.V.s.


La Descarga


While there are plenty of open-air, smoke-friendly establishments in the city, the old-school Havana atmosphere of this classy location just east of Hollywood is worth a visit. This L.A. club, named after “discharging” or “unloading,” welcomes customers to drop it all on the floor as long as they adhere to an upmarket dress code—jackets are preferred, gentlemen.


The stunning two-story-tall back bar is enhanced by soaring ceilings, tasty food, and the occasional brass band makes a perfect Cigar and Whiskey Bar. As an added treat, enjoy the burlesque-style salsa dancers.


Smoke & Barrel


The S&B has a distinct feel that transports you to a local tavern where everyone knows your name. Our walk-in humidor has a large selection of high-quality cigars.


Everyone can enjoy the ambiance at the Smoke and Barrel, whether you’re smoking a cigar or ordering a drink from their well-equipped bar (bar menu). The cutting-edge smoke ventilation technology makes this a one-of-a-kind, pleasant bar experience for everyone.



A good cigar is an incredibly polished experience. And where you choose to smoke is critical to your experience locating the finest cigar bar.


Furthermore, drinking a glass of whiskey with it will undoubtedly be a stress-reliever. It is tough to find a pub that suits your vibe as we come to a close, but we have done our best to fulfill your needs, and all the above-mentioned cigar and whiskey bars are just perfect for you!

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